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Watch This: Miracle House Of Hope Breaks Bad On Star News Charles Roark In Martinsville, Virginia

Charles Roark of Star News went up to a lady panhandling on behalf of the group calling itself the Miracle House of Hope from Charlotte, North Carolina. They aren’t based in Martinsville, but came there to raise money in the street. When the lady led Mr. Roark to her boss he got a bit angry and broke bad on him.

Roark quoted the following: “South Carolina’s secretary of state has issued a warning to residents about a Charlotte-based organization that claims to help homeless drug addicts. In March 2019, Miracle House of Hope Ministries was banned from soliciting contributions in South Carolina after the organization failed to register as a charity. Secretary of State Mark Hammond also said the organization didn’t file annual financial reports as required under the Solicitation of Charitable Funds Act. State officials said solicitors with the organization collect cash donations by approaching drivers at busy traffic intersections and handing out flyers. Since Miracle House of Hope Ministries refuses to file financial reports, state officials said it’s unknown where the cash donations go or how they are used.”