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Contract Signings For Home Buying Make A Record For Month Of December – The Newsroom Syndicate

Last month, the number of December home sales hit a record high for that month, as the boom in real estate simply continues. Last year, real estate prices went up $2.5 trillion in value, which is the most in a single year since 2005, according to a Zillow analysis.

Home prices nationally rose 12.9% from where they were a year ago in December, according to an Associated Press story today. Contract signings are a sign for future purchases to take place within 30-60 days, so today’s report suggests more sales are coming to take more homes off of the market.

The gains are expected to continue in 2021 “Builder confidence, perhaps in reaction to the boosted demand, hit record highs and more homes are being built as a result,” said Zillow economist Treh Manhertz.

Of course, the gains are being fueled by zero interest rates, which is making it easier for people to buy homes and attracting money into the real estate market for investment purposes. News4 AJAX did a segment on how the market is booming in northeast Florida.

Despite the rise in real estate prices there is blaring weakness in most of the US economy as fourth quarter GDP numbers released yesterday showed a big reduction in the growth rebound that took place in the third quarter and a continued decline in personnel incomes.

Gamestop (NYSE: GME) Shares Are Poised For A 100%+ Opening Gain As The Robinhood Stock Trading App Becomes Top Apple Store Download – TheNewsRoom Syndicate

This morning shares of Gamestop Corp (NYSE: GME) are poised to gap up on the opening bell with a 100%+ percentage gain from yesterday’s close following news that the Robinhood brokerage company has lifted some of the trading restrictions for its customers for the stock. Robinhood has been in the news and under attack by opinion makers and various politicians for restricting trading in the stock, however all of the news coverage and media attention has served to attract so much attention to the company and its trading app that this morning it has risen to be the number one most downloaded app in the Apple and Android stores.

This is very noteworthy for Gamestop (NYSE: GME) stock trading today, because the stock is ranked number 23 out of the 100 most owned stocks among Robinhood traders. Notice that Reddit is number two on this list. At 2:00 PM EST yesterday the WallStreetBets Reddit group that has been the focus of attention around Gamestop stock trading had 4.2 million members. As of now it has 6 million.

You can’t see the stocks at the top of this list, this is just a screen shot of part of it. The number one stock is Apple and second is Tesla. Robinhood users tend to closely follow this top 100 list and trade in a way that creates herd like behavior. It will be fascinating to watch how this unfolds going forward. The company has been under political attack yesterday from several politicians and the Senate is soon to hold hearings on the trading activities around Gamestop (NYSE: GME) and surrounding figures and events.

The CEO of Robinhood appeared on CNBC Thursday to defend his company and explain its decisions.

This is an ongoing story.

New US Gross Domestic Product Numbers Show Weak Growth For 4th Quarter Shrink For Year 2020 – The Newsroom Syndicate

This morning the US Commerce Department released its second round of US Gross Domestic Product numbers for the fourth quarter of 2020, showing that the US economy grew by 4%. This is a sharp slowdown in the 33% expansion in the US economy that came as a third quarter rebound from the first half annual collapse thanks to the Covid shutdowns, lost jobs, and simple social distancing to avoid the virus undertaken by millions. Overall the US economy shrank by 3.5% in 2020.

The first half plunge in GDP in the United States was historic and the course of the year was a wild one of contraction and expansion, but as we go into 2021 things are slowing. Pockets of strength in the economy were in real estate, fixed investment, and stock market gains, all driven in part due to a Federal Reserve policy of zero interest rates and bond buying operations. While the economy grew in the second half of the year of 2020, the average American suffered as their personal income decreased $339.7 billion in the fourth quarter and $541.5 billion in the third quarter. Without the massive government stimulus the entire economy would collapse.

With Rob Portman Announcement A Key Trump Movement Test Is Coming In Ohio – The NewsRoom Syndicate

Donald Trump left the White House last week, but this week he is in Florida setting up his “Office of the Former President,” where he is hoping to keep his Trump movement going as a potent force in American politics. What is setting up is a war between the Trump faction of the American right-wing and the more “establishment” or “moderate” Republican Party, typified now by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney.

One test of the movement is emerging in Ohio, because of the announcement by Republican Senator Rob Portman that he is not going to run for re-election in two years. This is setting up a coming Republican Primary battle for that seat between what will be a Trump candidate and a more moderate Republican, or group of them.

Politico reports that “the Republican primary could quickly become crowded and nasty, especially as the party works to rebuild itself and figure out the path forward in the wake of Trump’s defeat. A number of Republicans could be in the mix. Rep. Jim Jordan, a close Trump ally, has previously been eyed as a potential statewide candidate.”

Other potential candidates include Ohio Treasurer Johsh Mandel, Representative Steve Stivers, and rumors that Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance might make a go at running.

Meanwhile the New York Times reported that “Sarah Longwell, the executive director of the Republican Accountability Project, an anti-Trump group, said she and her colleagues planned to raise and spend $50 million to defend the 10 pro-impeachment House Republicans in primary contests and attack those who voted to object to the Electoral College results after the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. She said the group would aim to defeat Mr. Jordan in an Ohio Senate primary if he runs against an establishment-minded Republican.”

Of course an open seat leaves a chance for Democrats to try to win another seat in Congress.

The battle between the Trump movement and the rest of the Republican Party will be a key story for the next four years.

Check This Out My New Book Why The Vietnam War? Is Now Out – Mike Swanson

I’m happy to be able to tell you today that my new book Why The Vietnam War? is now released and available in paperback and kindle from It is a sequel to my popular and well reviewed book The War State.

From the book description:

Why did the Vietnam War begin?

When most Americans today think of the Vietnam War they think of the period of time between the years surrounding 1966 to 1969, because that is when most American soldiers actually went to Vietnam so it persists in the collective memory of their culture. It is the period portrayed the most in movies about the war and documentaries too even though in reality the conflict over Vietnam actually began in 1945 when the communist Democratic Republic of Vietnam was founded and lasted until its victory over South Vietnam in 1975.

For instance, the popular Ken Burns ten episode TV series on the war released in 2017 had only one episode devoted to the time period 1945 to 1961. The series was more about the culture wars that began during those years of peak American involvement in the war and less about the causes of the war much less any real lessons that can be drawn from it, but this is also the period that most books about the war focus on too. It is hard for you to know why the Vietnam War happened without understanding how the United States first became involved in region from 1945 to 1961 before President Kennedy even sent advisors to Vietnam.

That is why this book starts right at the beginning to answer the question why did the Vietnam War really begin?

This highly anticipated book by the author of the well reviewed and popular The War State answers this question using the documented record, including some new files never used in a book before.

After you finish this book you may never view the war the same way ever again.

For the kindle version click here.

For the paperback version click here.

If you buy and read the book if you would leave a review after you finish it, because that will help book browsers on Amazon know whether or not they should buy the book. It takes reviews to get people who have never heard of you before to want to take a chance on a new book. Thanks!


Source: Check This Out My New Book Why The Vietnam War? Is Now Out – Mike Swanson (01/25/2021)