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Day: March 6, 2023

All About Danville Podcast: Lisa Meriwether Tourism Division Director

Danville, Virginia…a tourist Mecca? It’s not as far-fetched as you might think.

In late 2021, the city of Danville created a new Tourism Division to anticipate an influx of visitor’s from the Caesars Virginia casino, and other projects. They hired Lisa Meriwether as Director.

Since then, Lisa has been busy building up a new division from the ground up. She has been tireless in creating a “brand” to sell this region to visitors, and a lot of the legwork will be done by people like you and me!

Listen as Hampton and Chuck talk with Lisa about the unlimited possibilities the Danville area has on the very near horizon!

As Lisa likes to say, “Company’s coming! Get ready!”

You can find and subscribe to the All About Danville Youtube channel here.