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City of Danville launches new real estate sales dashboard

City of Danville launches new real estate sales dashboard

The City of Danville’s Information Technology Department has launched a new real estate dashboard that shows valid residential sales in the city over a rolling three-year period.

The Sales Analysis Dashboard was developed in conjunction with the Finance Department’s real estate division.

“The ArcGIS dashboards enable us to convey information by presenting location-based analytics using intuitive and interactive data on a single screen,” said Scott Longerbeam, geographic information systems (GIS) coordinator for the Information Technology Department. “These dashboards are used to help make decisions, visualize trends, monitor status in real time, and inform our community.”

The Sales Analysis Dashboard displays the following information:

  • Total sales amount.
  • Average sale price.
  • Total number of sales.

“This sales data can further be filtered by predetermined areas, such as the northern or southern parts of the city, or by the tax grids, with the values directly reflecting the areas chosen,” Longerbeam said.

Users can select multiple tax grid areas at once, filter the selection by price or by date, as well as select via a user defined rectangle, circle, or custom polygon area.

“Users can also click on individual sale points to access a pop-up containing some basic information about the parcel, a picture of the house, and a direct link to our Parcel Viewer application for a more in-depth look,” he added.

The GIS division of the Department of Information Technology oversees the Parcel Viewer application, as well as the use and development of other location-based information systems.