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Who And What Is The NewsRoom Syndicate – Mike Swanson

Who And What Is The NewsRoom Syndicate – Mike Swanson

Hello, my name is Mike Swanson and I am the founder of WallStreetWindow, a financial website that has been around now for more than 18 years, owned by Timingwallstreet, Inc, of which I am the owner and President of. This brand new website, The NewsRoom Syndicate, has two purposes.

The first is to publish national news stories posted on this site to be syndicated on WallStreetWindow or any other site that wants to use them so that they have more content to share with their audience. WallStreetWindow, has over 1,000 visitors a day and an email list with over 25,000 subscribers, who we email Monday-Friday with a morning news digest.

For info on how to share these stories on TheNewsRoomSyndicate and republish them on your own news outlet, website, or blog click here.

The second purpose of this website is to create an outlet that has the ability to produce quality articles on stories that are not really being covered by the mainstream media or “alternative” media adequately. We do short news clip stories in order to maintain an audience, but also devote resources to a few high quality in-depth articles a month. By allowing these to be shared by anyone who wants to do so we can get them out to as many people as we can so that the information and those that find it and write about it can have the most impact possible through the use of Creative Commons licensing. This is why this website is called The NewsRoom Syndicate.

-Mike Swanson